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crit; ect;

Should you need to get in contact with me for any reason, you can do so here~

As a player, I am always up for small plottings, general interaction, or embarrassing the hell out of my characters. Should you feel the same, feel free to bug me for anything. I don't bite, promise~!

Comments on my ability to handle Komamura would be appreciated as well. This is my first time playing him, and I'm rather nervous. ;; anon is on however, and anon comments will be screened automatically. Thank you~

→Third; [voice]

[there's a low growl and a fumbling of cloth before the communicator is thrown on the ground, sword following it, and a dull thud of knees on earth. it's not like he hasn't failed before, but the death of a captain is a pretty big deal, and everything he's said since then still feels hollow and useless, no matter how much he meant it. all of it. every last word and every last order, every last look and movement. even talking to brats that don't care what he has to say; he still meant it all.

a short rasping bark echoes somewhat before a few minutes of silence.]


[he lapses into silence again, the occasional shifting indicating that he's still there, the occasional brush of paw against helmet giving away his discomfort.

...but he's a captain, so he'll do what he does best, as much as he doesn't want to in this place with these people, without his reason for acting or his division. without his own second in command or the usual sounds and smells. he doesn't like this place because it's discord no matter what it looks like or who inhabits it, but so long as he is here, he'll do what he does.]

There was a task force established prior to my arrival. I wish to speak to those involved if any are still here and if necessary to instate it again.

[another pause, the clink-clink of his shoulder armor as he moves.]

Vice captains should report as well. If Captain Kuchiki has any doubts as to my authority or capability, you can voice them now. As for Captain Hitsugaya-

[a soft hrumph of a growl.]

My orders will be absolute until he returns.

I intend to do all in my power, though, not simply for those I know. My duty won't allow me to be so selfish. Should any resident wish otherwise, then say so.

I won't waste my time.

[a growl-filled sigh and a rumble of intelligible muttering (sorry, Hiyori), and it cuts out.

he's out of words; but there are so many actions left to take.]

→Second; [voice]

[siiiiilence. he's almost going to give up, but he should probably mention this so--]

Hinamori Momo, Yamada Hanatarou. Report.

[right. with that issue out the way, he has little else to add. but then again, that's far too blunt, isn't it?]

...My helmet wears heavy these days, but I am loath to remove it for fear the populace would take unkindly...

[a low growl]

If there is anything that needs to be brought to my attention, please do so.

→First; [voice]

[There's a low growl, much like a dog warning you to back off -- then Komamura clears his throat.]

It would appear I am not alone here. I would appreciate it if-

[He pauses, another growl rumbling for a moment before he regains control of his voice.]

I would appreciate it if the other captains would report. Immediately.

[Silence for a moment, then some shuffling and another small growl, followed by something sort of like a short bark.]

So they are here too...


[A snarl, then it cuts out.]

[ooc; :D;;]